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Seems like only yesterday we were voting for the President of the United States. Well…it’s time again to make decisions and vote on local County Measures that effect our beautiful city. There are only a few to be voted on, but they are each important and deserve our effort and time. Get out and vote on Tuesday, March 7th!

Los Angeles County

Measure H

This measure will fund mental health, substance abuse treatment, health care, education, job training, rental subsidies, emergency and affordable housing, transportation, outreach, prevention, and supportive services for homeless children, families, foster youth, veterans, battered women, seniors, disabled individuals, and other homeless adults. If this measure is authorized, it will allow for a 1/4 cent sales tax for 10 years.

City of Los Angeles

Measure M

This measure is actually pretty vague on the details, which isn’t a bad thing. It would give the City Council and mayor permission to repeal Proposition D, which was adopted by voters in 2013 to curb the spread of medical marijuana dispensaries. By doing this, it will be replaced with a new set of rules covering all aspects of the industry, from where marijuana businesses can locate and the hours they may operate to how they market their products.

Measure N

You may see this measure on the ballot; however, it has been abandoned by the supporters and they now support measure M, which was a contrast.

Measure S

If you vote “yes” on this measure it will halt some of the largest development projects in the city for up to two years. This is because there is a clash between homeowners and developers on what type of buildings they want in their neighborhoods. This ballot measure would impose temporary but severe restrictions on what gets built, including any projects that need zoning changes or are taller than what the city’s outdated planning guidelines allow.

San Fernando

Measure SF

If this measure passes, the position of city treasurer will be an appointed position instead of an elected one.

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