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Shortly after the sad news of male mountain lion P-55′s death in the Santa Monica Mountains, there’s potentially really good news for these animals in the Los Angeles area. Hidden cameras have discovered a previously unseen male mountain lion in the Verdugo Mountains north of Glendale.

The big cat has been named “Adonis” for his seemingly perfect good looks. Meet Adonis, who was captured on cameras hidden away by local conservationists Dan Potter and Johanna Turner. They believe the new man is prowling for love. And Nikita is the lady of the mountains above Glendale and Burbank. The male that was the king of the Verdugos, P-41, unexpectedly was found dead.

P-41 and Nikita did have three litters of kittens, but none of them were able to survive in this challenging environment. Two were killed trying to cross freeways; another died from ingesting another all-too-common killer of LA mountain lions, anticoagulant rodenticides. Other kittens were rescued and sent to a refuge after getting caught under a car on a Burbank street.

It’s a sad fact that most male mountain lions in the LA area don’t live longer than two years.

Since it’s so difficult to leave their territory, they usually remain where there already are dominant males, which can result in fatal fights. But P-41 had better luck: he managed to live for 10 years.

Now local organizations are trying to conserve pathways north to less urbanized areas so future offspring can leave when they are ready to start their own families.

Conservationists said everyone can do their part by avoiding the use of rat poison for pests and other things in yards because they go up the food chain and can end up in the stomachs of mountain lions.

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