There were so many great things about the neighborhood in which our House of the Day sits in that I decided to make an entire blog post about the area.  I have two words for you: HORSE. PROPERTY.  In Los Angeles.  Say what?!
So–before I pick up from where I left off a few days ago… first I should probably tell you a little about the community.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want to show you the outdoor amenities of our featured property, 10935 Longford St as well–and we’ll get back there soon.  I decided to showcase those photographs and amenities here because they are the perfect example of what you find in this area of town.  But first, let’s talk big picture.
Lake View Terrace is a quiet equestrian community where the city fades away and country life begins.  An easy commute to Burbank, Downtown, Pasadena, and Hollywood, the area maintains a laid back lifestyle with city amenities.  A town with a rural feel and homes zoned for horse-keeping and agriculture, Lake View Terrace was once known as Rancho Tujunga and part of the original Spanish land grants. Original settlers made a living by selling firewood to the El Pueblo city folks in what is now Los Angeles.  In the late 1800s Homer & Marie Hansen established a horse ranch that would later be made into Hansen Dam park by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Hansen Dam currently provides imperative flood control protection for the city of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.  According to local legend, the name “Lake View Terrace” comes from Holiday Lake, a  popular vacation spot in the 1950s.  Holiday Lake, the 150-acre body of water that once sat behind Hansen Dam, has since dried up.


pic courtesy of Torres21 @ Flickr
Horse folks love this area because of the larger lots, and miles of trails.  It’s not uncommon to have horses walking down the street, chickens in a coop, and gardens in the back yard.  One thing I love about this particular neighborhood is the proximity to the Lake View Terrace Recreation Center that boasts three community riding and turnout rings available to anyone who wishes to use them.
There are some great areas to have horse keeping, but Longford is one of the best.  It’s a dead end street so there is no through traffic like other main horse keeping streets in the area.  It gets bonus points too because it steps right out into trail access at the end of the street.

So I’m sure you’re all itching to see what horse property around in this area looks like.  Well if you’ve missed the first part of my House of the Day: 10935 Longford Street, then now is a good time to catch up.  That will show you around the interior of a home in this area.  But now, on to the yard.

10935 Longford has just over a half acre, coming in at 24,503 square feet of lot.  There are currently 4 corrals and a few extra horse perks to boot.

Just around the corner is feed/hay storage, a tack room, and a wash rack with hot & cold water.
So what more does an equestrian need?  Oversized corrals? Check. Tack and Feed storage? Check.  Hot water wash rack for medicinal purposes? Check. Ring access–that you don’t have to pay to use or upkeep?  Check.  Sounds like heaven to me!

Pretty awesome area, right?!  Who knew this little gem was out here.  Have you had the chance to spend much time in this area?  If so, did you enjoy it?

If you’d like to have more information on either Lake view Terrace or horse properties in the San Fernando Valley, just let me know.  Use me as a fountain of knowledge – I’m here to help.

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