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Have you ever received a parking ticket you just don’t think you deserve? Whether the meter broke, the signs were confusing, or maybe the parking enforcement made a mistake. If you have ever appealed a parking ticket in Los Angeles, the appeal was probably denied. But…no more! Now, the City of Los Angeles must change the parking dispute process, and here’s why…

This all began from a lawsuit by a citizen that believed he was not given a fair chance to challenge his parking ticket. Prior to this change, Los Angeles contracted out all of their parking ticket disputes to a for-profit company called Xerox. Xerox made it their normal practice to automatically deny appeals regardless of the evidence presented. Obviously, a for-profit company would be focused on making money and not fairness.

The Supreme Court ruled to have the appeals handled within the Department of Transportation and they have since hired city employees to handle parking citation appeals.

This is a big deal for all of California, because you know how is goes…usually if something is changed somewhere…it changes everywhere. Especially since Xerox also handles the rest of California’s citation appeals.

We all hate returning to our cars to seeing that parking ticket on our windshield, and granted, most of us deserve it; however, if you feel it is unfair… now you will at least be heard and have a fighting chance of getting it removed!

For more information visit NBC4’s article here.

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