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It’s finally in the works folks!! We have been hearing about the amazing “shopping center” that’s replacing the Laurel Plaza Mall for years! First the shops closed down, then the restaurants, now Macy’s…but it’s been a ghost town over there on Laurel Cyn for quite some time now. But not for much longer my friends! From what I know and read…NoHo West is going to be all we hope it will be! So what types of shops, dining and services will it have? In the works are specialty grocery, coffee, fast casual dining, sit-down dining, a high-end movie theater, full-service fitness center, apparel, pet supplies, beauty supplies, dry cleaning, medical/dental, financial services, and/or sporting goods are in the running for NoHo West.

There are so many questions I have for this spectacular addition to North Hollywood. I did some digging and came up with these answers:

  •  NoHo West will have over 2 acres of open space.
  • Laurel Hall School will continue to operate through the construction; however, I am not sure about future operation.
  • There will be ample parking for both commercial and residential uses.
  • There will be a tree-lined main street and have a “live-work-play” atmosphere.
  • The City Department of Transportation is doing a full study on how the traffic will affect the community.

Sounds great, right? The one big question we are all waiting for is: When will it open? It seems this date is still a mystery, but it is definitely in the works and even has an official website as confirmation.  If you would like to keep up to date with this project, visit their website here. If I hear of any big news, I will keep you in the loop! Until then…

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