Our garden: if there’s one thing many people who’ve gotten to know us over the years have figured out, it’s that Hubster and I have great pride is our garden.  From changing out our garden beds along our house to vegetables – to creating full on raised vegetable gardens, every year seems to get bigger and bigger.

It’s been learning by trial and error and every year we seem to learn a little bit more.  Last year we mostly had success, but our new addition, watermelon, did arguably the best.  This year brings our biggest garden yet, with a several new additions to try. I am incredibly excited to see what comes to fruition.

We’ve swapped out my traditional petunias for snap dragons in the front flower bed.  But the vegetables and fruit are where it’s at.  I’m most excited to see how things turn out with our peanuts – a first for us!  Truthfully, when we saw the peanut seedling at our favorite nursery, we looked at each other in surprise. We didn’t even know how peanuts grew!  Were they a bush?  For the record, they are apparently a rooting plant that remind me of potatoes.  I can’t wait to see how they do.  I’m also excited for the potatoes because we’ve struggled with over compacted soil in the past, which have caused the potatoes to not perform. This year we’re growing them in cloth grocery store bags with soil and hay.  The bags & hay will allow them to breathe, keeping it from becoming over compacted.  And hey, (hay! Ha!) maybe we’ve found a new use for our overabundance of cloth bags.  I’ll keep everyone posted on how the garden does.

2016 Plant List

Vegetables & Fruit
Apple tree (1)
Beans (12) Kentucky Pole Beans
Blueberries (2)
Grapes (2)
Lettuce (4) Romaine
Onions (15)
Peanuts (1) NEW!
Peach tree (1)
Peppers: (6) Bell Pepper, Banana Peppers, Serrano
Potatoes (8)
Raspberries (2)
Strawberries (6) Albion
Tomatoes: (4) Beefsteak, Cherry, Early Girl, Roma
Watermelon (1)
Bee balm
Mint (2) Chocolate Mint, Peppermint

So what do you think you’ll be trying this year?  Please share your experiences along the way – would love to hear your own tips for making your garden successful!

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