With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your home ready to enjoy the sunshine and amazing weather.  Here are a few helpful tips to welcome summer with open arms!

So Fresh!
Not that our winters are freezing, but we in Los Angeles do experience a cold spell from time to time.  With that, we keep our homes sealed up nice and tight.  While you are home, it is always a good idea to open up your windows and place houseplants nearby to filter the interior air.  Houseplants like snake plants, English ivy and small-leafed rubber plants in your bathroom and kitchen areas are good for helping to freshen up your space…not to mention they are adorable!The Summer Winds….
Screen doors are essential in the summer.  There is nothing like enjoying a warm summer’s night with a breeze blowing through and smelling the sweet night air.  That is why it is important to maintain good screen care by lubricating and tightening hinges of your screen doors to help compensate for the changing temperatures.  It is a good idea to thoroughly inspect your screens for tears and weak spots to prevent unwanted dirt, debris and pests from coming in.

Is Your Guest Room, Guest-Ready?
Summertime equals vacation-time and with that comes visiting family and friends….but what to do if your guest room has turned into your catch-all room.  Not to worry.  Open some windows and freshen up your linens with some fabric softener sheets on a cool air setting.  Add some fresh flowers to welcome your guests and get ready to have some fun!

Do It For The Fans
The transition time between Spring and Summer can be sometimes unpredictable in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.  Running your AC not only costs money, but uses energy that you may not need to use.  Never underestimate the effectiveness of a fan.  Most big box home stores have great deals on ceiling fans and various sized oscillating fans.  A good tip: Set your fan blades to revolve counterclockwise.  This will force the hotter air towards the ceiling so it will mix with the lower, cooler air.  This helps to level the overall room temperature.

Windows Need SPF Too!
One big misconception about your Air Conditioner is that you can just turn it on and your home becomes magically cool.  The reality is if the hot SoCal sun is coming through your windows, your room is heating up…and FAST! By installing reflective film, roller shades or sunscreen-fabric curtains, you can significantly reduce the interior temperature.  If you are in the market for new windows, consider investing in low SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient window panes.

Keep It Cool, Man!
During our hot summers, our refrigerators are our best friends!  Cool drinks, great company and amazing food are the cornerstones of the season.  With that, it is crucial to keep your refrigerator’s condensing coils as clean as possible.  These coils can get clogged with pet hair, cobwebs and other dust and debris that basically suffocate your fridge.  Unplug your fridge, remove the base plate/grate and use a shop vac to clean the coils.  Not too sure what to do?  Call an appliance professional for tips or for a quick house call.

No Fireplace Goes To Waste!
Utilizing your fireplace in the summer is a no-go here in LA.  Why waste the space?  A good way to use the space, while adding a little color and air detox is by placing a collection of plants in ceramic or terracotta pots into a nice display.  Not a lot of natural light for plants?  A nice silk flower arrangement will also do the trick!

Switch Up Your Linens
Time to put those cute little penguin flannel sheets and fluffy comforter away and get those high thread-count linens out!  You can also lighten the entire mood of your room as well by choosing solid, light colors or adding some summer vibrancy with bold, strong colors.  Just make sure they are pure cotton that helps keep your skin nice and cool. Top off the bed with a light quilt or thick blanket.

Take It Off, Baby!
You’ve been buddle up in those cozy clothes, boots and jackets for too long!  Let your inner-summertime-self out by changing up your wardrobe with lighter tops and pants made of cotton or linen.  Pack your winter clothing in vacu-bags and store them away to make room for your summer wardrobe.

Be One With The Grill
Summer is the time for every Home-Grill-Master to throw down.  Before any great feast, make sure to have all the necessary tools for grilling.  Make sure you have plenty of propane and the right grill tools.  If you go the charcoal route, make sure to not completely soak the coals in lighter fluid.  This will cause all your food to taste like the fluid and can be mildly toxic.  A chimney starter to get your coals lit safely and quickly.

Bug Out!
You love to sit outside during the summer…but buggies….EVERYWHERE!  Don’t let those little critters get you down.  There are several effective, yet safe and natural bug remedies on the market.  Natural sprays and candles made with citronella are at many big home stores and natural food stores in the area.  You can also go online to sites like Pinterest to see what other SoCal residents are doing to beat the bugs.  Make sure that your outdoor entertaining are is clear away any underbrush and keep hedges trimmed and clear.  Thick vegetation is an open invitation to unwanted insects.

Lounge About
Get your patio furniture ready by giving them a good rinse and topping them with fun and bold colorful prints.  Many home stores carry a wide assortment of durable out door fabric cushions and covers.  You don’t have to trade style for durability.  There many designs out that are made from durable, moisture resistant materials in gorgeous colors and prints.  Create a more intimate space with accent fabrics, curtains and shades to compliment your furniture.

Everything Is Illuminated
Set the mood for your own Mid-Summer Night’s Dream with a great lighting design.  Twinkle lights know no season!  Dig into that Holiday bin in your garage and pull out some lights to turn your outdoor space into anything you want.  Want softer light?  Nothing tops elegant hurricane jars with a basic white candle.  To reduce risk of fire, go with a flameless candle.  They come in various sizes and the best part is they never melt!

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