As an agent, it’s no big surprise that one of the many hats I wear when working with sellers is to be Chief of Marketing.  It’s what we build listing presentations around and discuss to exhaustion: what we will do to sell your home.  How we will do it.  What sets us apart from the competition.

One of my many strengths—other than being humble, obviously—is in marketing.  At least, I like to think so.  I can rock a marketing presentation like no other.  And do you want to know WHY?  Because of an understanding of internet marketing and social media.

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The last statistic I heard was that 91% of people use the internet to search for a home first before picking up the phone and calling/finding their agent.  91%!  That’s HUGE!  Our first steps as agents should be to be sure that the people’s homes we represent are there to be found.  What can we do to make Mr. Seller’s home come up on top?  What can we do to separate it from every other home for sale?  How can we be sure that the biggest audience possible sees it in order to capture that buyer?I think that it is an important skill to be able to sit down with clients and speak knowledgeably and confidently about not only about how to best utilize search engine marketing and optimization but also the effects of YouTube advertising videos or who a target audience would be and how to strategically get their personalized website into that audience’s view by utilizing paid and non-paid campaigns on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.  Facebook for me is a personal favorite because I can set parameters to help get the best bang for buck.  Twitter has now switched to a monetized platform as well, and I am very interested to see how that will affect the real estate business as well.

Social Media is intertwined into our society at this point. It’s not just for the millennials and Generation Yers anymore.    My 90 year old grandmother even Facebooks.   Ultimately the goal is to get the information that Mr. Seller’s home is on the market to the most amount of potential buyers.  Because of this, it’s a resource that is ripe for getting the word out and disseminating information about the sale of a home. Not only can sellers share their home with friends and family and other groups that they are members of–but it can be used to advertise open houses or status changes, highlight professional photography on the personalized website, or showcase a video of the home.  Yet I am shocked by the amount of agents that I know that under utilize these technologies.  Perhaps it’s a generational gap.  Perhaps it’s just being unaware of what these mediums offer—or of the mediums themselves. But regardless, it’s a lost opportunity.


Social media is not for force feeding your audience Joe Schmo’s house.  Your audience will either tune the agent out or remove you altogether.  And so there’s a careful balance of saying, “COME TO MY OPEN HOUSE!” and “I wonder if the sellers would mind if I pick some lemons off the lemon tree while I’m here for the open house.”  One version is more conversational, less polarizing.  I heard the analogy once that Facebook is like a cocktail party.  Think more small talk, less in your face.  So I think it’s important to set that expectation with clientele.  Paid advertisements are one thing, but feed topics are another.

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