Earlier this week quite a few of us Valley folk–and Angelenos from all over–had the joy of mother nature gently reminding us she’s still a force to be reckoned with.    For those in the Valley, we particularly felt the 4.7 earthquake whose epicenter was at Muholland and Sepulveda.  And we all had a story for what we were doing at that moment.  For me, my alarm was due to go off in 5 minutes, but I suppose I had an earlier awakening in store.  I quite enjoyed hearing tales from friends about where they were: from people in the shower to driving to work to sleeping right through it–it seemed everyone had a quip for what was going on at that moment.
Luckily for all of us, it seems most had either no damage at all, or a little movement on shelves.  But it was a good reminder to be sure to revisit tips and plans.  Here’s a list of a few safety and insurance tips to keep your family well prepared.

-To begin preparing, make a plan and share it

Do you know where the ‘safe spots’ are in your home to run to?  Where will you meet up if no one is home?  Set a plan in motion and make sure everyone knows about it.  Another great idea: designate a family member or friend that lives out of state to be a designated contact to notify that everyone is safe.  Texting might go through easier than a phone call would when there is phone disturbances, so be sure all family members know how to text.  Also set up a card to keep on everyone’s person, in children’s backpacks,  or at the children’s school/daycare with contact information and how to identify them. For more information check out the Ready.gov site about Family Communications.


This manequin probably should keep his legs & head under the desk too!

-Build an emergency kit

It is wise to have a kit in your home, work/school, and car if you can.  A basic kit will have a three day ration of food and water (one gallon of water per person per day), flashlight, battery powered radio, first aid kit, whistle to signal for help, wrench or pliars to turn off utilities, and many other important items.  Check out the Ready.gov site on Building a Kit to have a full list of things to keep, how best to store it and, and what the best way to maintain will be.

-Make sure big & heavy items are well secured

Brace heavy light fixtures or top heavy furniture.  Secure bookshelves to the wall.  Strap down heavy TVs and picture frames.  Do not hang any picture frames over the bed.  All these little things will help keep them from toppling over and hurting someone.

-Make sure fragile items are well stored

Keep breakable items such as glass or china in low, closed cabinets that are secured with latches.  Also keep heavy or large items on the low shelves as well.

-Keep your home well maintained

By keeping electrical wiring or leaky connections secured and well maintained, you can prevent a fire hazard as well.

– Check your Homeowner’s / Renter’s Insurance plans to be sure they cover earthquakes

I know I will be calling mine to be sure and verify that I have the proper coverage plan for our belongings!

For more tips and advice, head to the Ready.gov page on Earthquakes. You may be thankful for reading and checking up on it!

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