Huge spray of green liquid against a blue sky.

It’s that special time of year when the wildflowers turn into rainbows and the shakes turn green. It’s almost Spring … and the Shamrock Shakes are in bloom!

In a time when we’re all trying to eat better and focus on our health, there’s this little company you may have heard of that starts offering a treat that only comes ’round once a year. Yes, fewer times than the McRib. It’s the Shamrock Shake in the most natural shade of green you’ve ever seen! Well, maybe not. But a lot of people love them, even if just for nostalgia’s sake.

The Shamrock Shake has been an annual tradition since 1970. According to, “it was briefly discontinued in the 1990s but brought back in the 2000s due to customer demand. In 2012 it was made available at every McDonald’s nationwide, but it’s currently a regional offering in the US.” Regional? It’s true. Not all locations offer this 50-year-old shake. Don’t worry, though; it’s available in the SFV! McD’s even has an app and that tells you which locations have it. By the way, if you want to know what the flavor of this shake is and has been, go to the Vox article linked above. You may be surprised.

The least ‘Irish city’ and some interesting traditions

Los Angeles
Here in the Los Angeles area, we have our fair share of celebrations, but we’re not the most Irish of places. We represent a variety of backgrounds and cultures, but according to blogger Sarah Hatheway, “there’s no centralized Irish-American presence in the city” (San Francisco has a sizeable Irish-American population).

“In fact,” Hatheway notes, “in 2017, Buffalo’s Business Journal named Los Angeles the least Irish city in America.”

Downtown Chicago looking over the Chicago River after it's been dyed green for St. Patrick's Day.
Each year the Chicago River runs green on St. Patrick’s Day.

The Windy City dyes the Chicago River green each year. It’s said to be a vegetable dye and “1,000 percent harmless,” according to the Chicago Tribune. Allegedly, no one knows the secret recipe.

New London, Wis.
The town of New London changes its name each year to “New Dublin” in honor of St. Patty’s Day. They also have the biggest parade for St. Pat’s in all of Wisconsin.

Things to do

We may not be super Irish here, but we do know how to celebrate. If you’re looking for something to do on St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday, check out and for some great suggestions.

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