With our current market conditions having less inventory, I speak with buyers often who have felt discouraged – but fear not! The California Board of Realtors’ latest infographic “The Perfect Match is Out There” breaks down many of the fears and hurdles home buyers are currently facing. More than 2/3 of buyers search actively for at least 3 months before going into escrow on their home. They may not find exactly what they’re looking for right away, or maybe they have had trouble with bidding wars.

Perhaps expectations or criteria need to be tweaked. But I also believe in keeping the hope alive because I think  things work out for a reason and if they are meant to happen, they will. Often times I relate a story to my clients of finding my own home and how it’s competitive for even savvy experienced people like myself. I placed 8 offers before the 9th was our home. But I also tell them this: I am beyond grateful I lost the first 8. My favorite was the 9th. It was meant to be my home. As a wise friend says, “If it’s meant to be, they can’t give it to anyone else. And if it’s not meant to be, then you don’t want it anyway.”

Infographic the perfect match | Chelsea Robinson Realtor Tarzana Home | Encino and Sherman Oaks Real Estate Agent and Houses for Sale

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