Memorial Day is of great importance for the US history and identity and everyone is celebrating in their own way. From good old fashioned BBQ under the sun to community entertaining events, there are many ways to have fun with family and friends.

However, we suggest you go in a slightly different direction this year and find a way to make the day more meaningful for yourself and for those in need. Time is more precious than money, they say, and we strongly believe in that. So find what suits you best and pick your way of giving back to the community this year.

Volunteer at the Midnight Mission: Founded in 1914, this organization offers paths to self-sufficiency to men, women, and children who have lost direction. Besides the emergency services they offer, some of their other activities include: 12-step recovery, family living, job training, and education and workforce development programs. Devote your time and apply to volunteer or give charity here.

Union Station Homeless Services: You can choose to donate your time helping organize warm meals for homeless, elderly, or low-income families, or donate food to support the organization of these events; green beans were in high demand last time we heard 😉 More info here.

We Honor Veterans: Seasons Hospice, a local, non-profit, faith-based hospice, is searching for a dedicated team to further the We Honor Veterans Program! Volunteers can work weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or yearly with this project, as it is ongoing and education-based. Find out more here.

One Voice: A non-profit organization helping families living at poverty level within our community. They providing emergency relief services to families in immediate crises to a scholars program designed to better the quality of people’s lives. Here, you can choose to donate money, goods or your time for volunteering.

SOVA Community Food and Resource Program: Volunteers are needed for everything from packaging and inventory to registering clients and entering data. SOVA offers opportunities for both “occasional” and “core” volunteers. Check them out here.

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission: Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission offers a host of services, including hot meals, health services and housing to the needy population in San Fernando Valley. Help by handing out meals, clothing, medicine and hygiene kits on weekdays, as well as volunteering for weekend meals on Saturdays. See how you can apply here.

Charities To Give To

If you don’t have the time to volunteer, we understand. You can still contribute and make someone’s day with your donations.

Previously we mentioned some organizations where you can volunteer, but they also give opportunities to donate money as well so go through them again, and see where your help is most needed. Below are some charities to donate to:

Paralyzed Veterans Of America: Founded by a band of wounded soldiers who returned home from World War II with spinal cord injuries, Paralyzed Veterans of America is dedicated to giving all veterans and people with disabilities everything they need to live full and productive lives. You can opt for a monthly or one-time gift or a payment donation.

 First Place for Youth: They foster kids with the care and instruction they need to stay in school, get jobs, find homes, and, as the Center puts it, “beat the odds.” Besides donating, you can come and talk about your job and how you got it, host a group at your place of employment, lead a life-skills workshop (think: cooking or parenting) or help with events.

Children’s Hospital LA: Plan your visit and schedule a donation of toys at their website. You can’t imagine the difference your gift can make to a hospitalized patient.

Because we believe that the best way to give back is by making someone happy even with the smallest contributions.

If you need more tips and events on what to do this weekend, check out our ideas in the Memorial Day events blog.

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