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As you very well know by all the media, social media, and discussions happening about who’s voting for who…it’s election time! It’s often difficult to keep up with all the local measures that affect our communities. To help you out, below are summaries of the local ballot measures that affect our property tax and/or housing. Please look these up and get familiar with the affects these, and all others, have on our communities before you get out and vote on November 8th.

County Measure A – Increase Property Taxes for Parks

This measure would raise the property taxes a tiny bit. Actually, only 1.5 cents per square foot. For those of you trying to do that math: for every 1,000SF in house size, that’s $15 towards parks and recreation.  This raise would pay for the building and maintenance of parks and other public open spaces. There are similar taxes already in place; however, one expired last year, and the other is due to expire in 2 years.

L.A. City Measure HHH – Increase Property Taxes for Homeless Housing

This measure will increase property taxes by .01 percent and would allow the city to borrow $1.2 billion to build 10,000 units of permanent supportive housing for the homeless. These housing communities would include on-site social workers and mental health counselors. Some of that money will also go to temporary homeless shelters, storage facilities, showers, and other services for those that will still be living on the streets. A small portion of that money will also be used to fund affordable housing.

City Measure JJJ – Require Standard Wages for Construction Workers and Require Affordable Housing

So this one is a bit complicated. This measure would force developers looking to change zones or General Plans, to pay workers an “area wage standard”. The good news is….the projects would have to reserve 11 to 25 percent of their units for affordable housing. The issue most people raise is the wage requirement that would make it difficult to build housing in L.A., which we always need more of.

Burbank Measure B

This measure would allow the Airport Authority to rebuild the current 14 gate terminal, according to the Airport Authority’s plans, in another area of the airport. This will not cause more traffic in the airport, it will only move the terminal to another location. The current terminal is 85 years old and some say it is ready for an update. But don’t worry my fellow Burbank residents…if this passes the terminal will be paid for by the airlines, tenants, and passengers.

Glendale Measure N

This is a big one for Glendale! This measure would eliminate the 7% Utility Users Tax for water, gas and electricity. This would be a loss of approximately $17,500,000 per year. This tax is the City’s third largest source of General Fund revenue, besides property and sales tax. If this measure is approved it could result in potentially eliminating 53 police officers, 37 firefighters, the close of two fire stations and eliminate the Police Department DNA Crime Lab, amongst many other cutbacks. If you live in Glendale, I would suggest you look this one up, it’s a complicated Measure and the voting for it seems a bit tricky.

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