The California Association of REALTORS recently released a great infographic entitled, “What Buyers Like Most About Their REALTORS”.  I found this particularly interesting.

According to the information, more people cared if the agent found them the best house.  But what strikes me as interesting about that, is that it mattered less if the agent worked hard, was diligent in their communication (both to the buyers, and in what they were receiving by listening well), or saved the client money.

Don’t get me wrong, finding the best house is obviously what needs to happen to have a successful transaction.  If I as the agent can’t find you the home you want to purchase, then I’m not doing my job.  But is that really a mark of a good agent?  You SHOULD have the best house that fits your needs in order to purchase it.  And I SHOULD be showing you everything on the market that qualifies your needs so that you can determine what that “best house” is.  Showing homes is one of my favorite things to do.  Ever.  But shouldn’t seeing everything out there within the buyers parameters be the expectation and not the exceeding reason why people would like working we me?  And if that is the case, I feel the bar may be set pretty low on what we expect out of each other.

I definitely found this food for thought–but I don’t think that it would change the way I run my business.  I want to exceed expectations. I may be a real estate sales person, but I want to be able to provide the customer service the client deserves, not just the sales person they assume they’ll get.  I view my job as a problem solver. My clients have a need, and I want to help them resolve their housing situation–whatever that may be.

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