The California Association of REALTORs did a survey recently on where buyers felt the were helped the most.

 I should probably preface this by saying there is a difference between a real estate salesperson and a Realtor.  Anyone who can pass the state licensing exam can be an real estate salesperson–but not all salespeople are Realtors.  The Association of REALTORs is an organization that a real estate salesperson can elect to be a part of.  The National Association of REALTORs (and the inclusion of the state chapters of the California Association of REALTORs and the local chapter, Southland Regional Association of REALTORs) have extra requirements for the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.  There’s a checks and balances–an accountability–when choosing to be a Realtor.  When you agree to be in the association, you agree to provide a higher set of standards.  Those reasons were right up my alley–and why I chose to be a REALTOR as well.

So–how many people used REALTORs and why?  Take a look for yourself–which reasons can a REALTOR help you with?

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