Chelsea Robinson Realtor Tarzana Home | Encino and Sherman Oaks Real Estate Agent and Houses for SaleWho will be the big winner?

I’m so excited to announce that now through April 20th, we will be running our first ever Raffle giveaway!  So what do you have to do to win?  Well, when was the last time you were chatting with a coworker, or hanging around at a friend’s cocktail party and your conversation turned towards real estate?  “I’ve begun looking online,” your conversationalist says.  Or maybe we’ve worked together in the past and your colleague says, “Who did you use when you were looking to buy/sell a home?”

So here’s the one rule:  you give them my name!  Sounds pretty easy right?

For every introduction made to a prospective buyer or seller between now and 11:59PM on April 20, 2018, I will give both the introducer and the person they are introducing an entry ticket to the raffle.  On Saturday April 21st during the client appreciation party (info coming soon!), I will then pull a name randomly to receive a $500 Visa Gift Card.

Yes, it’s that easy!  So who do YOU know who is looking to buy or sell a home in 2018?

If you’d like more information on the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles, or to have help looking for your next home, please feel free to reach out! I’m happy to help, no obligation.

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